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Hello and welcome to

More updates performed this week.
  • You should see much faster page load times, thanks to smaller background images, and minified javascript code.
  • The code on the 'My Perl Code' page is now syntax highlighted in color (thanks to SyntaxHighlighter javascript!).
  • The 'Search This Site' page is working now. I had to write some code to replace the 'MS Front Page' search tool.
  • ALL of the 'Front Page/MS' embedded garbage has been removed and replaced with HTML5/CSS3 friendly markups.
Special note for MS Internet Explorer (IE) users: this site is best viewed with IE 10. As it is the only MS browser that comes close to being HTML5/CSS3 compatible. It may function with IE 8/9 but will certainly not look as good.

Special thanks goes out to Google and all those great folks that contribute to Google Web Fonts

Thanks, JimB